anya marina does twilight…

when you are growing up and having sleepovers with your best friends, you paint your nails, you talk about boys, you play MASH…. you share your dreams and your fears and you decide with those best friends what your life is going to be like when you “grow up”. for most people, it never really ends up the way you dreamed. unless you are part of the group of best friends i had growing up. we all can look back on pretty stellar lives we have created for ourselves. you never have better friends than you did when you were a kid, and sadly most people lose touch with those friends… the ones that know you in a more honest and raw way than anyone else. i have been blessed to still have my best friends in my life. one of whom is anya marina… and this is her dream coming true.

click below to watch:
Anya Marina Satellite Heart

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