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fuuuuuuuck you.


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‘ze shit..

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dear god,

please don’t give me cankles, let me get laid often, and don’t let me get the crazy. i don’t want it.

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Michael Jackson gets a date…

MJ on the “Dating Game” back in 1972. just seeing him give the “hey girl, hey” look to the girls (especially miss sassy in the white boots) is worth every second of this. hopefully this makes up for the violence … Continue reading

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new M.I.A. song and video… BORN FREE!

woah. just. woah. don’t worry, we’ll hit you with something fluffy and cute in the next post. right after we go punch an elderly woman and a redheaded toddler on the street for looking at us sideways. does it say … Continue reading

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even then..

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“at this point, Rooty-Toot Jasperson left the party…”

this might be among one of the most creepy-slash-awesome things you have ever seen in your life. and if it isn’t, i would like to be on your email list to see what kind of creepy weirdo you really are…

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