quickest way to ensure your babysitter stays sober….

just loop this on the dvd next time she comes over with eyes blazing red from smoking the good shit. guarantee she won’t get high and watch your kids ever again. plus, there will still be goldfish crackers in your pantry and all your raw cookie dough won’t be missing.

although, this may backfire and drive your child to do drugs. i sure as shit know i was praying for a mainline of heroin to kill the pain this brought on about 30 seconds in to it.

side note: since we posted this yesterday, there has been a huge blast in the news about this segment not being aired on Sesame Street due to katy’s boobs!! wow. we weren’t even thinking about that being a big deal… hate to say it, but if your TODDLER is, you’ve got some questions to ask yourself about YOUR parenting!! incredible the outrage her dress has caused! some of these holy roller mom’s need to get hobbies.

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