once i was a white gazelle…

I had the divine pleasure of meeting Teena Marie outside of a concert we were both attending in 1999. Neither one of us could get in, as they lost the guest list. So, there I was… stuck outside bonding with Lady T herself for almost an hour. She spoke on the industry (and her dislike for certain aspects), raising kids, relationships, men, love and the non-existence of anything “real” in the music business. She talked and talked, taking only one break to mouth off to the security guards… “I’ve sold out this venue TWICE, and yet here I am standing here in the cold!” She turned back to me “Look honey, all I’m saying is, if you think you have friends in this business, you don’t. Sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be.”

We all decided home was a far better place to be that night, and to this day I can’t even remember who we were there to see. That part is a blur. I just know that conversation with such a powerhouse and honest soul changed my outlook and her words will NEVER be forgotten.

“You can like them and you can respect their talent, but don’t ever EVER fall in love with ’em.”

RIP Lady T…

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