sir… your depends are leaking

when i see an old man in the grocery store i always get so sad. he’s all alone, trying to navigate through the store, looking very lost, straining to read labels and prices… and when he checks out all he has is 3 frozen dinners, a chocolate bar and a tin of cat food. i get sad because i wonder if he’s all alone with no one to keep him company or look out for him…. i also get sad because he prolly doesn’t know that’s cat food. But yesterday it hit me… what if he’s all alone and eating cheap cat food for dinner because he was a fucking asshole his whole life? what if he was one of these “i don’t need no bitch” type guys for years and then suddenly he was old and alone? what if he left his wife and kids broke and hungry and they all hate him now? does he ever sit there gumming his cat food in his empty house and just think… “damn. i done fucked up. this sucks. i should have been a real man and gone to therapy when i had the chance.”

anyway…. something for you dudes to think about.

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One Response to sir… your depends are leaking

  1. Alex Outhred says:

    I flipping heart you

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