i’m behind you…

my girl sent me this today with the subject “pharrell. shower scene.” let me just say, I think this is one of THE sexiest songs ever made… but a shower scene? Yeah. Pharrell can get away with it. there is a general rule that HE can get away with what ANY other male human can’t get away with. here’s a lil story:

it was a cold late summer night a few years ago, cminus said we were stopping by his friend’s studio to say hi… this “friend” ended up being Pharrell. The first words he said to me, while shaking my hand, were “cold hands. warm heart.” now any woman with a pulse knows your first reaction to something THAT cheesy would be to roll your eyes and walk away. but let me tell you something, when PHARRELL WILLIAMS has you in a dead lock stare with that half grin of his while saying these words, your legs wobble and you literally have two orgasms before the handshake is over. trust me on this.

needless to say, i was never allowed to be in the same room as pharrell again.

hence, my obsession.

get comfortable. enjoy the nakedness.

come on now, you’re trying to tell me you could resist THAT at the 4:15 mark? no. you couldn’t.

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