heavy on the pepper.

two girls in LA addicted to furry baby animals, cupcakes, mimosas, funny pins, john lovitz, the $1 bins at target, black nailpolish, scott baio, good music, youtube, dirty dancing, mermaids, unicorns, quoting disney movies, nasty jokes, swearing, laughing, chips, smurfs, boys with neck tattoos & skateboards, paris, bunnies, heels at bbqs, late night french toast, NY… we have the same tattoo on our achilles heel. not the ankle. the achilles.

we laugh a lot.

and say “wait. what?” a lot more.


5 Responses to heavy on the pepper.

  1. Jess says:

    Loving this.

  2. alan says:

    Who the fuck are you and why is your blog so awesome?

    Answers, please.

  3. jasmine says:

    @thejennklein i follow you on twitter and let me tell you, no, i NEED to tell you; there is NO ONE i respect more than you on there!!! not even kidding, thank you woman!

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